Study results

Under this heading you will find results from our surveys and studies conducted around the topic of real estate.

Online Home Market Analysis (OHMA)

The Online Home Market Analysis (OHMA) is a biannual analysis that reports alternately about the development of the advertising period of single-family homes and condominiums in all major Swiss online marketplaces. The analysis covers the whole of Switzerland with the eight major regions being examined. The regions of Zurich, Geneva, Espace Mittelland, Vaud/Valais, Northwestern Switzerland, Central Switzerland, Ticino and Eastern Switzerland are analyzed. The publication is prepared in cooperation with the Swiss Real Estate Institute of the HWZ Zürich University of Applied Sciences. relocation report

The relocation report is an analysis in collaboration with the Zürcher Kantonalbank (ZKB), which is published every three years. The study analyzes the liquidity of the Swiss real estate market on the basis of the relocation rate (number of relocations in relation to existing housing).


Must-Haves when Apartment Hunting: Good traffic connections, a balcony and a short commute

Good traffic connections, a balcony or seating area and a short commute are the top three criteria people are looking for when searching for an apartment. One third of those polled (33%) would be ready to move for their job as long if their commute were currently longer than 54 minutes. These are the results of a survey that recently conducted on the housing situation in Switzerland.

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